Rev Rocket

Rev Rocket

  • Category: Web Design, Online Store, Custom Tools
  • Project date: 03-2020
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Rev Rocket

Rev Rocket is our largest undertaking to date, and comprises 16 years of development and growth. What started out as an online auctioning app, grew into a $2M voucher distribution network with representation in over 70 markets.

Front End

One of our favorite things about this project is getting to put ideas and experiments in practice. Early on we recognized that while having a mobile app was important, having a mobile website was paramount. Not just that, but a mobile website that acted like an app. Our early adoption of the AngularJS framework helped us acheive a web app that we could easily leverage for iOS/Android Native Apps

Hybrid Apps and Beacons

As early adopters of AngularJS, we were able to manifest individually branded iOS and Android apps for 80 entities. Our apps had a special power - the ability to detect and react to bluetooth beacons and geo-fencing. More about our LocalHapsApp here

A Complex System

Rev Rocket processes a great deal in the background including timed, targeted email, sms and push-notification broadcasts. Managing throughput, data-syncing and scheduling taught us alot about data optimization. In late 2019, we overhauled the whole system and moved our load balanced servers into the Amazon cloud for increased scalability