Local Haps App

Local Haps App

  • Category: Web Design, Online Store, Custom Tools
  • Project date: 03-2020

Local Haps App

Local Haps App is a white-labeled mobile app developed by Studio Laphona and used to create custom mobile apps in 40 markets across the US.

Deals, Contests, Events and Lifestyle Videos

In addition to the many different types of promotions featured, the Local Haps App also pulled in a curated gallery of lifestyle videos through our partnership with City Weekend.

The Power of Hybrid Apps

Hybrid mobile apps use web technology to create a native experience. The upside is rapid development across multiple platforms. In addition to publishing new apps as needed, we were able to makes updates in a fraction of the time.


A big goal in this proect was to utilize bluetooth beacons and geofencing-targeted messages. When users were within the geofence, we sent custom messaging and special offers.