• Category: Identity Design, Web Design, Learning Management, Content Creation
  • Project date: 02-2021
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In late 2020, amid the Covid crisis, ugly politics and rise of white nationalism, Laphona joined with leaders from the network media industry to create Colorfyl. Our goal was to create a platform to help balance the racial and ethnic makeup in network media sales. Not only is media sales a very lucrative career, but it's also a springboard into a multitude of opportunites. We identified a strong business case. Local and broadcast networks wanted to represent the BIPOC community but wasn't having much success with it.

Laphona was brought in as a founding partner and brought our design/architecture/content and IT skills to the table.

Design Challenges

We started with a blank slate - no name, no identity, no content.

Who are we?

Laphona came up with a dozen company names which all spoke to diversity, equity, training and recruitment. Our favorite 'Colorfyl' was chosen for many reasons - it was unique, non-ambiguous, could be pronouced multiple ways (all of which made sense), and had a modern flair to it.

Identity Design

Our identity creation process is much deeper than creating a catchy logo. We start with color psychology and develop a palette. Once we established a scheme which represented Colorfyl's 5 core values, we started in on logo design.

When designing the colorfyl logo, we first spent some time reviewing the portfolio work of African American designers. That gave us a feel for shape, form and typography choices. Our first 10 logo ideas all focused on different aspects of our narrative. In the end, we went with our gut reaction - and the final logo was the one that told our story the best at first glance. You have to trust that gut!

Multiple Audiences

We had to balance the design/content appeal to two completely different audiences - the people of color that would join our training/placement program, and the (generally white) C-Suite executives that would bring us into their onboarding and hiring process.

Content Development/Creation

Laphona interviewed the other core team members to get their ideas on who we were, what we were doing and how we would do it. From that we created a mission statement and messaging document.

From our messaging document, we developed an architecture and information flow that would address the following requirements:

  1. To speak to both audiences distinctly and directly while not excluding the other
  2. Create a content flow that would reinforce the company narrative
  3. Keep content as light and direct as possible, while adhering to SEO best practices

Presentation and Sales Collateral

One sheet, business cards, presentation decks - all these needed to be created. We tried outsourcing some of it, but the voice and design were never consistent with our identity. So, this too was brought in-house. Laphona not only designed the collateral, but also wrote the content.

Learning Management

A core offering of Colorfyl is our industry-leading training program, which encompasses everything from personal coaching, conflict management, technical skills, sales skills and presentation techniques.

The only thing was, we didn't have a structured training program to convert into an online platform. Laphona stepped in and help stitch together various bits of content to create a complete online training program, complete with lessons, modules, topics and quizzes.